Valentines Flowers Men – Valentine’s Day A Big Part Of Their Lives 50 Years Later

31 Jan

valentines flowers himFifty years after Charles Petersen is a valentines flowers men, Jeanne, who still has this book. He was a goalkeeper. As Charles.She thought he was the most romantic city, and this plan has not changed since 1962.
Romance led to the altar two years later. They were married June 5, 1964.
Carlos expressions of love and have improved only 41 were active Petersen Onawa (Iowa) Florist, a company making love and Valentine’s Day, a celebration that has become bigger than Mother’s Day Petersen.
“If I had to change the name of my flower shop, you can choose” expressions of love and care, “” contact “or” expressions of love, “said Charles.” Every day is not so easy quickly get the idea that the best life really involves the concept of love and its spread to others. It is, however, prominent among the baggage of every day. ”
A blind date led the Union for 50 years a country girl with a love for dairy cows and a farm boy irritated agricultural affairs, except in the large flowers on the family farm, a love he inherited from her grandmother.
Jo and Charles Neal grew up in the port area, but a graduate of Sergeant Bluff, when he was a high degree of Salix.
“We had one thing in common,” said Charles. “We both got in the upper classes, and it was a good way to get out of school. And I loved school so much and education. I wanted to go to teach English, that I ‘ Joan did and went to primary school. We were both teachers. ”
The date of the video blind in June 11, 1960, shortly after completing high school was not exactly love at first sight. But the spark was there, and love blossomed.
“It was a nice feeling, and others,” said Charles.
Jo said: “I liked his ability to write and how you express things, and I always loved..”
His love is shown to fall when he went to Iowa City, about 350 miles from their school in Vermillion, South Dakota
“We decided it was ridiculous, and could then be transferred to the University of South Dakota, at the rate in the state,” he said. “And it was cheaper than going to the University of Iowa, so I moved there to be with him. I studied and, in general, every night together in the library. And when we go now in the museum so I could say, “we sit there!”
During the separation, love has not diminished, said Charles, but quickly learned that it was not written enough to keep Jo happy.Therefore, love letters, also kept, has increased.
Important and never brought to English prose was exhausted.
“Charles has many friends that are in bloom and write a book,” says Jo. “He wrote some comments here. One of the boys said,” My wife took me around the house for a week after Charles wrote. “So do not write anything.”
Jo also has a small store love letters and love poems by her boyfriend.
As long teaching career began in the Mapleton, Iowa
“A spouse was there that the teacher wanted me to write something nice for his wife’s card,” said Charles. “While I was doing. And then when I saw her, she said that it ‘ was a perfect work, that every woman wants to hear. Well, it was (perfect) until I sent the bill and said, in a copy of the invoice, “Charles, write something good in him “to be spoiled.”
All Mapleton, went into business with people who have had greenhouse Mapleton.
“I have always enjoyed working with flowers, and I just loved the right, as a kid, things are created aunts,” said Charles. “My grandmother raised flowers in the garden. So it was something instilled in me, and keep, however, that the love of beauty. And Joan is a great decorative painter. Thus, both have an interest in the arts in our blood. ”
He bought 41 years ago Onawa flower shop, while raising their two daughters to Mapleton, then moved to Onawa years later. Charles always dedicated to the flower shop with Joan, who fell in teaching for 24 years by taking the gifted program in Onawa. She trains future problems resolution team there.
Valentine is the construction of the Petersen, mainly due to the workload Onawa Flores.
“Until we reach the end, shit,” says Jo. “And they get bigger, it’s crap.”
But it was a valentine.
“We’re usually pretty good looking at each other,” says Jo. “When I was in bed with pneumonia here in November, told me to put in a good home honey” deals with many things, you know, making sure the trash was out, a laundry service was held, the plates were treated and stuff. We share this, and every time. ”
Yes, they have their arguments, sometimes quite stormy.
And Charles said with a statue at home, a boy and a girl, they have back to back. State says, “Sometimes I hate you, but I will always love you.”
However, he added, “Every time the circumstances were a little cranky, or even beyond, I always had the idea, tomorrow is another day. And in any relationship, I think people should be aware that, because they can reach conclusions and irritability and insanity or something and forget that tomorrow is another day, if you will. ”
Many people do not stick to one-ness of these days, he said. “And I had great times together well beyond the times were difficult, and certainly the most rewarding life that we share,” he said.
A sign outside the door of his shop, elegant calligraphy made by his daughter Ruth, she summarizes: “Through these doors pass a beautiful expression of love Thanks for helping us with this thought..”


Valentines Flowers Men – This Is The Best Gift For Anyone In The World

24 Jan

valentines flowers menFlowers speak louder than words. This is the best gift to humanity. They are the hieroglyphics of angels, loved by all men for the beauty of his character. A flower or color that reminds a special event or time in their lives. It is the feeling that the gift is the meaning.

Fresh flowers are definitely the most common form of decoration for home, offices, malls and even restaurants, in particular, to add color and freshness. They are also a symbol of affection and gave all the time. There are many flowers, so what you see in the eyes. According to investigators, fresh flowers are simple, effective and efficient in improving the emotional health and I can say it’s a good form of emotional therapy. Fresh flowers have the ability to activate positive emotions such as joy, desires, increase satisfaction and improve the social behavior of a higher capacity than normal.

valentines flowers men and Seasons are closely linked. While some flowers at the end of the year, while seasonal flowers – specific. Not particularly affected by the change of seasons, i.e., Alstromeria, Anthurium, Aster, Bourvardia, carnation, chrysanthemum, daisy, Lily, Lily Asia.

Spring is the season of growth and renewal of a new plant and animal life. Spring arrives at different times of the Northern Hemisphere and South America.

Spring in the Northern Hemisphere is between March to May and September to November in the southern hemisphere. Most flowering plants bloom in the spring. Therefore, only the flowers that bloom in spring are the spring flowers bloom at different times of the two hemispheres.

You can surprise your loved ones with fresh flowers, aromatic, without setting foot in the store. Gesture for any occasion: Valentine’s Day, Easter, birthdays, weddings, the arrival of Pat, Christmas, New Year, funerals, etc.

The roses are beautiful; not only the nation’s favorite flower, but a universal icon romantic can also make the best gift. Roses have long been associated with love, romance and beauty, and valentines flowers men we have a selection of red, pink, yellow roses and white roses to make sure that the feeling is expressed.

Receive a gift of fresh flowers is always a thrill and excitement that relate to your loved ones easier than ever! They are easy to send flowers online, whatever the occasion. You can explore an amazing array of flowers and floral design flower online here. Browse our online catalog to find the perfect gift for special occasions.

Valentines Flowers Men – Valentine’s Day dinner at Valenzano Winery

12 Jan

valentines flowers men

It is too early to make plans for Valentine’s Day. Need ideas? What do you think of the position of Valenzano Winery in Shamong, NJ,Feb. 11 for dinner and dancing?
Sounds like a perfect way to spend a holiday with his girlfriend.
Tickets are $ 60 per person and includes dinner, a four-wine bar(served by the Summit House) (one hour), beat live music, wine tasting and a romantic atmosphere.
The event begins at 19
It can be mixed with other couples in the room, the tank and barrel, while enjoying a glass of wine preferred. You can dance the nightrocked by a dance group in New Jersey Superior. And, of course,you can enjoy good food.
Valentine Dinner and Dance Valenzano should be one of the most exciting events of the year. Call 609-268-6731 to order tickets.

valentines flowers men

Valentines Flowers Men – A stress-free guide to buying flowers on Valentine’s Day

9 Jan

valentine flowers menvalentines flowers men
Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love – new, old, romantic, platonic, and everything else. One of the most common ways to express feelings is to give flowers. However, all flowers are created equal and not all types of flowers are appropriate.

So it should be a festive joy, fun and romance often becomes filled with experienced anxiety, nervousness and discomfort for men and women.

Holding a bouquet of flowers in the corner booth still works in a pinch, but to attract someone special in your life, head to your local florist and put some thought into it.

Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose

Before ordering a dozen roses and call it a day, to reconsider.While roses are the norm for Valentine’s Day is “normal” feeling really want to convey?

According to Marybeth Flores, owner of Flowers in Parkville, Maryland, to run, not to leave the idea of ​​giving roses to your loved one.

“This is more of a cliché,” said Flores. “Technically, for $ 85 you can get the best deal designed, showing love for more than 12 stems of red roses. In addition, it will take more time y. If you could include some roses. ”

Think before you order

With a few clicks, you can easily search online, price, type of flower and delivery options. No fuss, no muss. What could be easier?

Although Florida receives many orders through its website does not recommend this path for a private occasion. Instead, you should call or visit a florist in person. Just a little information about her lover, a florist can help you develop a unique and personal.

“You must know all the flowers available, or even the types of flowers the person likes,” said Flores. “You know that person is known as hot .. Look at how they dress. If you are a kind of velvet or flannel per person, then we can develop something like a bouquet of flowers or something bohemian-looking meadow. ”

So take a moment and think about your situation.

“It’s a love story that is just starting to warm? Is it for a friend or relative? How old is the person? “Flores asked.

amplifier bouquet really “wow” factor or floral arrangement to talk to the person to follow.

“If you have time, you can customize your room,” said Flores.”Come with a theme if it was your honeymoon?. For him, as birds of paradise? There is a boat that he or she likes Bring it? Doing things at this point.”

Agreement must not only be individualized, but notes attached. You do not need to be a professional writer to create a map that affects the feeling of the heart of your partner.

Too embarrassed or intimidated by the exchange of “words of love” your florist? Flores said no.

“First, I saw everything,” said Flores. “I wrote everything on the card of someone who owns a flower shop is happy to see that this person is for a particular purpose -.. . They want something really special ”

If the process is too overwhelming and do not know what to do to set the mood for a romantic evening, nothing suggests orchid valentines flowers men. “Orchids are some of the most sensual flowers I can think of,” he said.

Valentines Flowers Men – Top tips for a Valentine’s Day to remember

5 Jan
valentines flowers men
The choice of the gift card on the right or the feeling of Valentine’s Day is a challenge, no matter how long it has been half of a “couple”. Vendors trying to sell a concept and friends for advice, all rack your brain trying to figure out what to do.But all is not lost.Kendra Keller knows a thing or two about the love she is the head of Hallmark Cards Romance in the UK. Keller reveals some romantic stuff to take you to the top of the class is Valentine’s Day:Gifts:A map of the Valentine’s Day, and be smart, cute, traditional or sticky, is considered the most important to receive Valentine’s Day – do not forget a touch! Transfer your photos via an online service to make a extra special.
A homemade gift shows thought, creativity and consideration, I think along the lines of homemade muffins, a personalized photo frame (so they can in their thinking personalized valentine, of course!) O delicious three-course good points.

He writes personalized Valentine card say about your relationship more than what you buy.
Personalized messages and private jokes openness and ability to be honest about your feelings, but remember to keep it clean people can learn to read!
If you want to write a poem, not to channel your inner cheese and remember that you should not rhyme to be romantic – to give it a try.

VIS data is a personal touch, not just to win and eat and splash money!
Maintenance personnel would be about, but a little effort (a new shirt / hair / new underwear) will get you noticed and get good points again, boys and girls!
A cooked meal at home, foot massage, bubble bath and even agreed to watch football / Desperate Housewives are all activities that can be achieved easily and as effective as candy hearts and roses.
Why not create a personal invitation for a date to be really different?

Sad to say, there is no correct answer or cheat sheet for this great event. However, if you take some time before the big day and think that will definitely make this year’s Valentine’s Day is one of the best.

valentines flowers men


Valentines Flowers Men – New Collages Display Your Photos in Style on Photo Pillows

31 Dec

valentines flowers men

valentines flowers men

What better way to show all the wonderful memories of this holiday season for unique photo pillows. With the bonding options VisionBedding an online retailer of the best picture quality products to help capture photos of special products for the home. Photo Pillows is no longer limited to images of unique clients, but offers colorful collages significant that these special gifts.

In 2012, the States will VisionBedding “adding often collages of choice for customers and new products in the near future.” Since Valentine’s Day to birthdays, customized products quickly became popular as people look for unique ways to display priceless memories and photos with all my heart. A photo collages VisionBedding offer allows customers to add 9 pictures in the abstract, like a bubble, rectangles of colorful modern. However, other geometric blocks to mimic the bonding of Mondrian, but lime green, turquoise, orange and red on a gray background and four to six images.

A professional team of designers to develop a VisionBedding a king-collages and helps clients to ensure that high quality products. Each product is customized and personalized messages can fill a collage of photos.

The industry-leading advanced technology, always ready to home decor products VisionBedding which covers art, bedding and walls and carpeting, shower curtains and more. Quality materials and production technology ensures sharp, time to finish the collage colorful look it offers. Valentines Flowers Men .

Valentines Flowers Men – Top trends of 2011: Fashion found more outlets, designers sought out fans, color lightened things up and celebs and a royal got classy top-trends-of-2011-fashion-found

29 Dec
valentines flowers men In 2011, fashion was more accessible than ever. New World Real Mode icon, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, was photographed shopping in chain stores at affordable prices.Designers speak directly to fans of the TV and Twitter, and inexpensive fashion collections are sold on eBay, and H & M, Target and Macy. There was so much information and there are many opinions about fashion, it was sometimes difficult to find a consensus, much less a trend. But here are my tips for the major trends in 2011: McQueen MANIA: It was the royal wedding of the century (April 29, 2011, to be exact), and Catherine took Alexander McQueen. Bad boy British designer who died last year, but the fashion brand has never been the most popular models due to artistic director Sarah Burton, who is on her heritage. Over half a million people went to the “wild beauty” retrospective exhibition of his work at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, started a frenzy among conservatives around the world to more than fashion. Warm colors: bright color is one trend that I saw once on the red carpet at the track (of Jil Sander, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Prabal Gurung, Roksanda Ilinca) and in the streets, or rather the areas of Coachella Music and Arts Festival, where there was neon. And just going to get stronger for spring 2012. DIP-painted hair: Kate Bosworth, Lauren Conrad and Katy Perry are among the celebrities who wore colorful stuff this year.But I knew I was officially a trend in which the 10 year old boy, the next session of Sally Hershberger for me was a (very expensive), Blue Streak set his hair. JEANS single color: Do you see a theme here? Skinny Jeans are not going anywhere this year. In fact, were more popular than ever, thanks to a wide range of color options available in all parts of J Brand at Forever 21. Native accents: Fair Isle fabric and the Indians were recorded sprinkled on the goods, as it was in 1980 necklines, scarves, leggings, wide, and sweaters. If you are looking for the source, consider the fall of 2010, Dolce & Gabbana runway, Proenza Schouler Fall 2011 collection inspired by Santa Fe, and music festivals.WOMEN IN Tuxedos: Beyonce wore a sequin Dolce & Tux at the MTV Music Video Awards Gabbana, and Kim Kardashian (which is not to cover) posed for a family Christmas card. Tory Burch tuxedo suit your first friend Kanye West Costume Institute Gala in May to use and then started his line of tuxedos for women. But in reality, a woman or a man in a tuxedo (or Yves Saint Laurent smoking as they are called) are timeless. Designer clothes for a song, Missoni and Versace to Target to H & M, both this year were two of the most successful collections of cheap elegance of all time, as the market continued to slide to designers to increase the visibility of their brands and take your style to a new generation of buyers. The collection was a joy Missoni zig-zag and zippity Versace collection for H & M – Donatella addition, Gianni, Milano South Beach more – could be the best collection of Versace in recent years. Sobriety NEW: Thank you Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, modesty and the possibility of bringing a public forum seriously change clothes, custom clothing and classic pumps. Shock and Awe: It was a clash of tutus, engravings of animals and fried chicken chains, and Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga tried to leave the other funny crazy machines this year. But tolerance is weird high fashion (how else to explain the fascination with Daphne Guinness?) And I loved it. Flight feathers and LMP: If fur or feather clip earrings feathers, fur coats or hair shade of big bags this year wildlife adored. Except in West Hollywood, where last month the council approved a ban on the sale of skins, which come into force in 2013 – and could lead to some distributors of high-end fashion in the neighborhood. And do not forget … Designer John Galliano shocked fashion colors and lost work as artistic director of Christian Dior when he unleashed a string of racist, anti-Semitic in a bar in Paris in February. He went through rehabilitation, was sentenced for violating the French laws and paid a fine. Dior spent the rest of the research for one year for replacement. Royal Wedding urged her sisters, Kate Pippa, the global style too. (“The Bridesmaid, never,” he told Us Weekly magazine.) Bag she made the morning after the wedding are sold in the blink of an eye, your dress bridesmaid – also designed by Sarah Burton – was copied by retailers in the mass market, was commended his back and a contest in the UK best annual informal buttocks. Even if she did not win, people are fascinated by this and Pippa it carries. It was even the subject of a construction time FTA. Royal Wedding, we have also been fascinated by headgear. Antler-shaped helmet worn by Princess Beatrice Philip Treacy has been debated worldwide: the style of high or horrible? Free convince rock of our attention this year. Lady Gaga unique style has been awarded by the Council of Fashion Designers of America, which gave its Award Icon of American fashion in June Rihanna made headlines for one thing or another, every year, with clothing interest (or not enough clothing, from a field of a farmer in Ireland for a video shoot). She has published her first fragrance, like Armani (for which he also designed a capsule collection of small size) and was on the cover of Vogue – a ceiling should be noted that with with Lady Gaga, has been credited with help to increase sales in the first half of the magazine. Some merchandise rewards have been as successful as the version of Justin Bieber “Someday” perfume this summer, which broke all sales records for the launch of a perfume has accumulated $ 3,000,000 in sales in just three weeks. And somehow, he also became a nail Polish teen singer Excellence seller together. It seems that the behavior of the reality of the life of Kim Kardashian. I I fainted on the engagement ring of 20.5 carats in May, but the ring – and her husband Kris Humphries – left at the end of October. Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher teamed up with Jack Vartanian jewelry designingValentine’s Day shaped balls wives. But it was magical jewels: a few months later, this young man too divided. Coco Chanel had been dead for over 40 years, three books were published about his life this year. The that made headlines was Hal Vaughan “Sleeping with the Enemy” in which he stated that Chanel was a Nazi spy. J Crew creative director Jenna Lyons caused great concern in the spring with pink nails of his young son in a photothe cover of the catalog of the company. An attack on masculinity, some said. Relax, who plays for children, others have responded. Miss Piggy made a comeback, which acts as a celebrity judgeon “Project Runway Allstars”, which acts as a “front” of MAC cosmetics in November and an agreement to film. Wedding Fashion: Kate Moss married (exclusive coverage in Vogue, of course), while my father designer Stella McCartney (Paul McCartney) and because the law of marriage equality in New York, so do designer Michael Kors, who married Lance Father-old partner in Southampton.

Valentines Flowers Men – Mason man presents wife with family’s proud past

27 Dec
Valentines Flowers Men
Until recently, Annie Davis knew very little about your family history and had almost no contact with their families.He grew up in a house with problems and away from your family.”As an adult, I separated from his family,” said Davis, now 48 years of life, social worker Mason. “I hope the family after I finished.”

His life turned around when she married Frank “Mike” Davis, an optometrist, 15 years ago. Immediate family includes two daughters from his second marriage and two son, 15 and 11 years, she and Mike have been together.

Although Annie lead a happy life, Mike has always felt a certain sadness I felt for not having good relations on his side of the family.

So a year ago, Mike decided to do something special for her. It put him in a rich family history and his beloved family knew nothing.

We studied the secret history of the family, looking for his line of Abraham Smith, the father. Revolutionary War soldier who settled in 1798 in what was then the city of Colombia. Smith Road, which is the output signal of Interstate 71 in Norwood, Smith is the name of Abraham, the father and his descendants, who helped establish Norwood, Oakley, Madison, and Walnut Hills.

On a recent Sunday, as a Christmas surprise, at first, Mike Annie presented their research results. Then he introduced the family had never met and took them all in a travelogue of the limousine.They stopped on the graves of the pioneers of Smith and other key sites in the history of the Smith family.

Other streets near ancestors Smith Road name include the name of Annie – Muchmore Road in the municipality of Colombia, Pleasant Ridge Avenue and Mill Street in Norwood authentication.

Annie learned that she has a proud history of family and friends care for their families who want to be part of your life.

“I knew I had no family,” he said. “I always felt like a black sheep. It is amazing that suddenly I have a family for the rest of my life. ”

“Stability and peace”
Mike had the idea in the history of the family of his wife when he traced his family history back to 1595 in the county of Kent, England.

When he had finished his research, he helped organize a meeting in Elkhart, Indiana, about 20 of its newly discovered relatives.

“We had a great time with him, I thought we should do the same with Annie,” said Mike. “I am very proud of Annie. Just as loving wife and mother she is, Annie struggled through many hardships in his life and uses painful experiences to help as many people over 17 years, I met her. ”

Shortly after her first marriage failed, he went to went to live in a women’s shelter, where he remained for a year.

“I loved,” said Davis. “It was the first time in my life I did not have stability and peace.”

Although they have received advice, got a job in retail management and provides emotional support to women who live there.

He moved to the house when he won enough money for housing and a car. But she continued to volunteer at the shelter.

A second marriage produced two daughters, but ended in divorce.

Women’s shelter is caused years Annie desire to pursue a career in social work to help other women. This desire increased every year.

After her marriage to Mike, who has obtained a license to Social Security Xavier University and a Master of Social Work at the University of Cincinnati. At both universities, received academic honors Magna Cum Laude.

Davis became a social worker at the University of Cincinnati Health System medical advice, nurses, administrative staff y. It also serves as a volunteer counselor at a shelter for battered women.

He is vice president of the National Association of Social Workers and has lectured to various groups on domestic violence, sharing her story of pain and recovery. She recently told the Ohio Senate to support the approval of struggle against slavery and human trafficking laws.

“We found that many people have not understood the seriousness of domestic violence,” says Annie. “I told my story, not to make you feel sorry for me or my family to defame, but for people who have been abused know they can reach the other side, if they have the help they need. ”

Declared a holiday
Introduced in the history of her family December 4 and expenditures to date, as long as a piece of seven missing relatives discovered the life of Annie.

The limousine tour that day, stopped at Pleasant Ridge Presbyterian Cemetery in Montgomery Road off-road Lester.

They walked slowly through the tombstones, stopping to see the name of one of his ancestors. Two recently discovered family of Annie, Bob Smith, of Liberty Township and his brother, Jim Smith of Keller, Texas, laid flowers at the grave of Mike bought an ancestor, John Whitcomb.

Whitcomb was a Revolutionary War soldier, whose name was deleted, but all of his grave nearly two centuries of time and wear.A ribbon around the name of the flower Whitcomb.

The visit included a stop at the former home of Abraham Norwood Smith, Sr., who served as a board member of the City of Columbia and died in 1815. His house was where the pizza is Cici Message Surrey Place Montgomery Road. Smith tomb was located.

The tournament moved to Norwood Town Hall, located on land that was given by the ancestors of the family of Annie Mills. Mr. Abram Smith is both well-owned subsidiary of what is now Norwood and Oakley.

When Mayor Tom Williams welcomed the group outside his office, Jim Smith, said jokingly: “I came here to reclaim our country.”

Williams has proclaimed December 4, “descendants of Abraham Smith days.”

“When you have a family of Norwood collect and return to honor their ancestors, just can not do better than that,” said Williams.

City Council, the group crossed Elm Street Norwood First United Methodist Church, which was built 107 years ago and closed two years ago.

Dave Bohlinger, a retired police Norwood, purchased the building from demolition to save and try to find a new use for it.

He opened the doors for the group, so they can see a high window, magnificent stained glass windows dedicated to the memory of Benjamin F. Smith, grand-son of Abraham Smith Benjamin Smith, Sr., and his mother Elizabeth. Rodney Rogers, president of the Norwood Historical Society, spoke to the group about the history of the church.

Benjamin Smith, born in 1833, was a very successful farmer, who was once one of the six men who had all of Norwood and surrounding areas.

Benjamin Smith, died in 1904, was praised in the book 1927 “Cincinnati and its people” as “exceptionally well lived, well-rounded, useful, constructive and mutually beneficial for a man who … was an advantage and a credit to the community. ”

Annie said he now realizes that some of its appeal for social work may have its roots in some of their ancestors Smith, whose generosity has enabled Norwood and other communities in Hamilton County.

“The thing that touched my heart is the amount they gave to their community,” he said. “I think there may be a good thing that came to me.”

Annie give a deeper understanding of the history of his family, Mike has shown how they can join a genealogy of the family.Some parents of Annie, Mike discovered and helped many foreigners in their research.

“It is the intention of sharing,” he said. “In investigating the death, I realize people who want to learn to live with each other. It’s pretty interesting.”

Opening a new world of Annie.

“I want other people who have been abused know that there is hope in the search for family members and connect to them,” he said. “I can not believe how lucky I am. ”